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  1. I don’t even remember my weekend much…I have no clue what I did. Oh yeah, I did a bit of shopping, but nothing really stood out to me in the stores. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime to get all of my last minute shopping done. I like your weekend much better, and reeeaaallly want a whipped cream-topped Starbucks drink right about now after reading your post. I haven’t tried Pearl Vodka yet, but now I’m curious.

  2. It’s a great achievement for you to take the 6 incline in the treadmill. I honestly am suffering by the time I reach level 2. Obviously, I need to practice and train more in the gym. The chicken looked good, a nice treat after the workout, I must say!

  3. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    Looks like you had a great weekend! It’s great that you’re a loyal fan for your team and you got to see them play. Looks like you enjoyed lots of lovely food this weekend too. When I read that you leg pressed 270lbs I really wanted to go to the gym again, I love the leg press!

  4. The leg press machine thingy is my favorite because I’m better at it than anything else in the gym. 🙂 Sounds like you had a great weekend with friends, family and food.

  5. Starbucks and Safeway Chicken has got to be the greatest combination ever. I’m so jealous and my mouth is watering.

  6. Georgetown is one of my favorite DC neighborhoods! It looks like you had a great weekend–I’ve always wanted to go to a Redskins game. While I was in Northern Virginia, I kept hoping someone would just offer me an extra ticket!

  7. What a wild and crazy weekend–it looks like there was SO much good food involved, which always translates to a great weekend in my book. I’m such an old person, as I can’t tell you the last time I stayed up until midnight, much less until 4 AM! We didn’t do much over the weekend: we traveled home from Disney World on Saturday, and then rested on Sunday.

  8. Oh my gosh — I wouldn’t have been able to move after doing that stuff at the gym!! I’m a Rams fan, so I know what you mean about not expecting a win from your team. We love to tailgate also — the OJ directly into the bottle is a great idea. Why waste a glass?!?

  9. Pauline C. says:

    Haha what an awesome weekend that was! For one thing, I agree about supporting your team no matter what. I enjoy sports with or without the win. My week’s not busy as yours. Just had a relaxing evening at home.

    1. my weekends are normally boring.. but when I do go up to DC to visit my sister.. its blog worthy lol

  10. Glad you had a great weekend.Looks like a great day with great food (Muncheez Mania looks like an awesome place to grab a bite to eat) and stayed up all night to have a good time. It’s good to be young. Enjoy!

  11. What a fun, fun weekend! I’ve never been to a pro NFL game. I bet it’s a blast. BTW, I love your header.

  12. I love fun weekends. I love ALL weekends, lol. I don’t know why but I seem to get a lot more done on weekends. It looks like you had a great weekend, good game, good eats, awesome.

  13. Wow. You have a LIFE! I love it! I hate the stairs machine too – I’m awful at it. I’d love to see a game – in England sporting events aren’t quite the same and generally lead to fighting!!!

  14. Your weekend looks like it was so much fun! I’ve never been to an nfl game, but I’ve always wanted to! I live fairly close to Cowboys stadium, so I need to go down there for a game! The food also looks delicious!

    1. Yes, you should… I wanted to go to the Redskins v Cowboys game in DC, I should of gotten tickets when they were like $30 for the cheap tickets, now they’re like $100+ haha and that’s for a STANDING area, no seats, lol

  15. Michelle Hwee says:

    Wow, what an amazing weekend you had! So many different things you did and the great food too! I have never been to a football game before but that looks like such a different experience than going to a baseball game. What caught my eye are your starbucks drinks and the food! Makes me hungry just looking at it! Wowsa! Great weekend though 🙂