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  1. growingupmomma says:

    Dating as a single mom is hard! It took me a really long time to even allow my now fiance to meet my daughter, let alone make any kind of commitment to him when I was still so burnt out on men and their, uh… negative sides 😉 The first single mom book I read was called “My Single Mom Life” by Angela Thomas (if I remember correctly, I think she had four babies like yourself) and, like you experienced, it started me on a binge of single parenting books. “Going it Alone” was another great one! Honestly, I know you asked for dating advice above, but my best advice would be not to worry a thing about it. I wish I’d done that and not rushed out on any date that came my way. God will bring that man into your life when you’re ready- cherish the time alone with your precious babies. In my experience, it is the fact that we were alone just the two of us that makes my daughter and I have such an incredible bond. I am so thankful to have my fiance, and now can’t imagine my life without him, but had he come a year or so earlier, I would have never been ready for it and probably totally self-sabotaged the whole thing. They’re murky waters- dating with kids- but you’ll surely get quite a few laughs during the process! xo

    1. Oh the advice wasn’t for me, haha.. I don’t plan on dating for awhile.. I just added that book to my Amazon wishlist, I plan on binge buying once tax return money comes in, lol.. Thanks for the suggestion & the advice 🙂

  2. This sounds like a great book to read. I think taking time to find your self is important when becoming newly single whether a parent or not. I love your outlook on this I am sure the journey has been rough.

  3. Ahhhhh this would definitely be a fantastic read for anyone who has recently become single…. Myself… I’m a serial manogoist lol…. I can’t help it though I like to be married ;-);

  4. Sounds like a great book and I think I would have cried myself reading this. From one single mom to another, I love your honest review. I will look up the book and see if I could find it here.

  5. This sounds like it is a great read. I don’t really date now as all of my kids are young and I feel as though it is in their best interest for me to devote what time I do have when not working to them. Being a single mom is lonely at time but with three kids it is always interesting.

  6. This sounds like a great book – very useful and unique take on things for single women. I think it’s so important to seek out books that can have an impact and help with self-discovery.

  7. This seems to be a really good book and what you may need at this point to heal. You were married for a long time and very young so it’s going to be different but different in a good way. Soak up the positivity that the book offers

  8. This sounds lil it would be an amazing book for the right person. For me, not so much. Please don’t take any offense to this. I am just not a religious person in any sense. I don’t pray, i don’t go to church, I don’t know any of the stories from the bible. Haha. However, It really does sound like an amazing book and I am happy you are enjoying it!!! =D

  9. I need this book! I am super single and we are the same age! Wow so a piece of dating advice I can give to single women is its okay to date more than one guy at the same time! Date several because someone is always going to fall off and the cream always rise to the top!

  10. I hope there’s a version of this book especially for single men too. I guess single guys have as much sentiments as single girls too. It;s good to read self help books anchored in the context of the Bible. You wll never surely get wrong with that.

    1. You should actually check out Family Christian & Amazon, there’s a HUGE selection for singles on Amazon, I know for sure, I’m not sure about

  11. I think that finding a book that I can relate to nowadays is like looking for a needle in a haystack. This books looks like it’s really fun, I specially love the book trailer. I am not a single woman anymore but I think I will be able to understand the main character’s sentiment. I would love to read this book 🙂

  12. Make sure to give family your where about and other information if dating someone new for safety…