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  1. Robin Rue says:

    My scale just broke and I need a new one, so this sounds like it might be a great one for me.

  2. great review for weight scale. I have to check if this product is available here in India…

  3. lazllanes says:

    It’s unfortunate the weight results aren’t consistent. It looked like such a convenient product.

  4. Yes for honest reviews! I once received a case of coconut water to review. When they emailed me to see if I had received it and if I liked it, I was completely honest and told them it was the most horrible thing I’ve ever tasted. They then asked me to please just skip the review!

    1. I would of been like, nope, I’m gonna tell people it taste like poop water, haha.. i hate that all they want is positive reviews, even if the product is crap.. blows my mind.

  5. I actually like my scale – but it does take some time to set up. And I only weigh myself in one room of the house so as long as I stay in that room for my comparison it is fine.

  6. I find it annoying when companies claim to want honest reviews, but they actually don’t. Like you, I’m not going to lie or pretend to like something just because it was given to me for free. That’s not fair to people that are seriously considering buying the product!

  7. mrenkema79 says:

    Love honest reviews!! It seems like a great product in theory, and hopefully it can work out the bugs eventually!

  8. We actually don’t have a scale in our house and I’m kind of glad that we don’t. I don’t know if I’d want to use a scale that uses an app with it though.

  9. Amanda Love says:

    Most companies don’t want bad reviews but I love honest reviews. Most will tell you to skip the review entirely as in the case of one as seen on tv product I had to do. Totally didn’t work! Thank for your honesty with this.

  10. Pretty cool scale.. I like how they are tying technology into scales these days.. although i do not want to step on one until October..

  11. Hmmm…interesting. So happy you were honest about how the weight machine worked. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I think regular scales are much simpler to use and still give you the same results. The wight loss figure can also be computed on regular weighing scale.

  13. Kudos To You For Telling The Truth Sorry The Scale Wasn’t What You Expected But People Need To Know People’s Honest Opinion Whether A Product Is Good Or Bad!

  14. Weighting is already stressful enough! I don’t need to worry about all of the app stuff–and the numbers being off. I think I’ll stick to my cheapo scale for now. 🙂 Also, kudos to you for sticking by your opinions. If a company wants an honest review, then that’s what they should expect to receive!

  15. I like a nice scale. My husband always buys the cheap ones that break. I will need to look into this one.

  16. I agree with what you are saying! I order to encourage weight loss, you have to be your own cheerleader so to speak.

  17. The concept sounds good. I like the idea of seeing what I’ve lost instead of the big number I’m trying to avoid.

  18. Oh this stinks. I love the idea behind it but it sounds like it needs some work to be good for everyone. Thank you for honest review!

  19. I’m on the verge of buying a new scale. This one was on my list of possible choices. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your honest review. I am so technologically challenged, and after reading this, I’m pretty sure that I would end up chucking this scale right out the window!

  20. Weight is a dynamic thing that changes throughout the day, it’s best to weigh yourself every monday in the morning before you eat anything.

  21. Cathweine S says:

    Thanks for the review and your honest opinion. It sounds like a great idea but some things need to be worked on.

  22. Oh my! Thanks for the honest review. The reviews of the blogger always mean more in the long run (and are more valuable to businesses with good products). So keep being honest–I’ll keep enjoying your reviews.

  23. I got to review the same scale and I love the weight less feature. I agree with them having an awesome app.

  24. I think it’s great that you give honest reviews. Your readers need to trust you! Good for you. We actually don’t have a scale in our house. Unnecessary stress.

  25. I like that it can store up to 8 users in the scale. I also like that it does all the different body measurement calculations. It would definitely be nice if the results were consistent though.

  26. My current scale had me at ten lbs lighter than I am last week, and double that this week. I’m supposing the battery needs replaced. 😉

  27. uh-oh companies should at least look at reviews as room for improvement. i was feeling positive with the LED light i can see the numbers even in wee hours

  28. I get so frustrated with home scales because I always get different numbers. I’ve given up. I don’t like scales. I’ll judge my weight by whether or not I can fit into certain clothes. I’m done with numbers.

  29. I really like that you can decide if you want to see your current weight, or see how much you have lost so far – that’s different!

  30. Yeah, all of those things would be very annoying! Sounds like they need to make it more user friendly!

  31. LOL, I just commented cheers to your honest to goodness reviews and then your comment says Denied, needs more than 50 characters. What a thing 🙂 Well, as for the for scale, I would still rather use the traditional scale without the app. Making time to measure my weight seems to be too much already for me with my laziness, then I’ll add the app. Impossible for me.

    1. Yea, since I’m in so many facebook groups and people try to half ass comments, i put that in there, which is just a sentence worth, so they can’t leave me 3 words. But yea, it’s more work than what it’s worth.

  32. How cool that the scale recognizes different users. That’s definitely a feature I’ve never seen in a scale before!