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  1. Dana Rodriguez says:

    These are some really awesome photos! Who doesn’t love Disney World?!

  2. They all are fun. I like the TANGLED WALL best.

  3. I like the popsicle stick wall. We went in the pre-social media era. lol

  4. These are all really neat and I’d love to take my family there!

  5. I like them all, didn’t know they had these at disney

  6. These are great! I’ve always wanted to go to Disney!

  7. Heather K says:

    These photos are all so fantastic. I just want to be in Disney World without crowds so I can take photos without other people in them.

  8. Daniella bonagura says:

    I love these! I definitely have to take pictures here when I go!

  9. Sandy Klocinski says:

    Awesome pictures! I especially like the Popsicle Stick wall.