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  1. These are all awesome teething products for babies! My best friend just found out she’s pregnant (her youngest right now just got her driver’s license!), so I’m back to keeping up with baby stuff! Orajel was always a must when my son was little. I love that they have so many new teethers these days!

  2. When my daughter was a baby (a really long time ago, she’s 23 now) we did not use any teething products. It is great to see that there are so many options now, these look all like a great help when you have a teething baby.

  3. We only use amber. Never had to use anything else. It’s pretty amazing! We never knew when they were getting new teeth even molars. Amber was working incredibly for us! I recommend to everyone!

  4. Michelle Hwee says:

    I definitely understand a parent’s perspective on a teething baby. It can really get stressful because its so hard to help out your baby. These products look fantastic and that they would work well and efficiently. Thanks for sharing this, I know that it will be quite helpful for new moms and moms to be!

  5. I have heard great things about Baby Orajel before! The adult one is amazing the times I have had to use it. Great coupon to use to save money on this necessity for teething babies.

  6. These Are all fabulous suggestions! My daughter will be 3 in March and she still chews things 24/7 so we are still constantly buying new chewy things lol. The beaded necklaces are my favorite! They can look super cute and you can match them to outfits

  7. I got lucky when Jaiden was teething. He didn’t cry or anything like that. He had a few bad nights but thankfully that was something i was able to cure with cuddles and a ice cold teeth ring. The baby Orajel was a no go for us. There is something in it that he’s allergic to. I love number 4 and 5. I totally would have used those for Jaiden. =) Ah, I am so glad I am out of this stage! lol

  8. I use Orajel for my daughter. I have another on the way and I will use the same along with the tethers. I may Ben try an amber necklace although they make me super nervous. We will see. Hopefully baby #2 will have a much easier time than my first did.

  9. Great teething products! When my kids were little, we used Baby Orajel and it really helped! Also the tethers that you’d put in the freezer and offer for soothing were great I remember.

  10. Those teething ring toys are cute! I love the new branding of orajel natural gel for babies thats nice!