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  1. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Those look like fun. I think our grandson would like one!

  2. Awesome, will save this for the coming summer.. sounds like a fun activity


    These look like so much fun! I would love to play with something like this with our grandson when he comes over to visit and play with his PopPop and I. I especially love that it takes physical activity to make the rocket go.

  4. LeAnn Harbert says:

    My granddaughter would love this. She enjoys anything to do with STEM activities.

  5. Antoinette M says:

    Looks like fun! This will be a hit with my kids.

  6. These look like such fun toys! My grandchildren would really enjoy them. I like that they’re easily portable and don’t require much time to set up.

  7. kathy pease says:

    These look pretty fun and I bet my grandkids would love them

  8. This looks like great fun! Love playing with the kids!

  9. LeAnn Harbert says:

    My granddaughters would love to have this. It looks like it would be a lot of fun.

  10. Betsy Barnes says:

    How fun! My son would have loved this when he was growing up!