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  1. This is amazing! It’s great to see how well this works!!

  2. monique s says:

    I could really use a whitening to brighten my smile. THis looks easy to use at home.

  3. Dawn Ballo says:

    I have been wanting to whiten my teeth. This is amazing.

  4. I cannot wait to try these!

  5. Wow – an amazing difference. Thanks for showing us.

  6. I have been looking for something like this! Thanks for the giveaway

  7. Laurie Emerson says:

    I love the results! I would love to have my teeth look this white.

  8. LeAnn Harbert says:

    Looks like it works pretty good. I’d like to try this out.

  9. Jessica Walker says:

    I have whitened my teeth in the past and it made them so sensitive. This looks like a better product.

  10. kathy pease says:

    This sounds like a great whitening kit. I drink so much black coffee and tea and this would be great.

  11. Bryan Vice says:

    Wow i’ve never seen anything like this before the results are amazing

  12. Buddy Garrett says:

    It sounds great.

  13. Cassandra D says:

    I like how the lab creates the trays after you order the system.

  14. Lily Kwan says:

    This teeth whitening kit looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thomas Gibson says:

    Affordable product with amazing results!

  16. Christina Gould says:

    This product seems to do a great job. You only need a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, though, to whiten teeth. That is the active ingredient in these products. Just rinse with it for a few days and you’re teeth will be whiter than white. Thanks for posting!

  17. I agree – this is a comparatively inexpensive but extremely effective system. I’m really impressed by your results.

  18. Some family members have been looking to whiten their teeth,. Thank you for the suggestion and the demo with the pictures.

  19. You really CAN tell the difference! It’s great to see this review and the before and after photos.

  20. Dana Rodriguez says:

    That is a big difference. I am impressed on how well this works!