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  1. I actually have a 9 cube vs 12 cube organizer and I really like it!

  2. Angela Ingles says:

    The 12 cube organizer is cute. I like double-duty pieces (like instead of getting a changing table, which is largely wasted space, we just bought a contoured changing pad to put on top of a dresser. I also try to make the most use of space by going vertically whenever possible. For example, I have clothes racks for the baby’s clothes over short bookcases holding their board books.

    1. I did that too, seem like an easier use of space and when they grew out of it, it would just be a regular dresser. lol — love your other ideas too!!

  3. I think underbed storage is a great way to have more space.

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  4. I love your blog post showing me great tips and pointers on utilizing space much more wisely. Your blog touches on such useful needs for my household.

  5. Dana Matthews says:

    I struggle daily with storage issues and ideas to help. I really like this bed skirt…how innovative!

  6. The cube organizer has been a great asset to the room we have for our granddaughter in our home – the pink & purple bins we’ve added give her the girly look she likes.

  7. Especially good use of space. Nice reference to use when you are stuck with a small bedroom .

  8. Sean Leavey says:

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