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  1. How to pick from all these great goodies? I love the idea of a monthly box of fun surprises that I wouldn’t know about otherwise. I really like Mindy Kaling, so I would have been excited to receive her book but that unicorn cookie is calling my name. :p It’s hard to go wrong with me and sugary sweets.

  2. I love that subscription box! Not knowing what you are going to get is part of the fun! Looks like you got some awesome products. Going to look into the lash serum as I need something to nourish mine.

  3. shelly peterson says:

    You got some amazing products in this box. The Cocoage Cosmetics Addicted 24k Hand & Body Cream sounds great.

  4. I don’t a subscription to any delivery boxes but this one looks really nice. This one tempts me for sure. I’ve been wanting to read Mindy’s book since it came out but have such a long to read pile to catch up on first. And that lip glass, nice!

  5. This is one box full of stuff I’d use. I want to give the flocking lashes a try most of all. Mindy’s book looks interesting enough to read. The cookie will be passed onto one of my kids.

  6. I have never heard of this single swag subscription box! There are so many great boxes available now. I am sure to send this to one of my single friends though as I know she would just love it! Great idea for gifting!

  7. Getting something cool in the mail is always a nice pick me up to get someone in a positive mood. This looks like a nice subscription box service for ladies. Now I have the “all the single ladies” tune humming in the back of my head 🙂

  8. I love this box! I love that it is a little bit of everything. It would be like having a little party for myself each time I opened it. I am going to look into getting the Mindy Kailing book. She cracks me up.

  9. Great value, neat box.. lots of different new products to explore .

  10. My favorite from the box is the toner. I love skincare.