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  1. Sinceriously? Love it. My blog, my writing in general is a big part of my therapy too. I deal with the struggles of being a caregiver in my prime years, as well as trying to make it in two jobs that don’t pay unless I work. I really cannot stand BS. Not in marketing, not in every day human interaction, not in social graces. So when I write, it is the real deal. When I review, it is the real deal. I suck up to no one and am out to survive, not keep up appearances. Sinceriously!

    1. YES!! There’s nothing I hate more than a blogger or anyone who will lie about a product just to give them a positive review even if it was a piece of crap. I’m always giving people the real deal, whether they want to hear it or not. I rather be real than fake any day.

      Blogging makes a great therapy and cheaper, lol

  2. SINCERIOUSLY means a lot of different things to me. I started my first blog to post about the struggles I was going through after failed back surgery. I was in the bed for 4 years in a back brace and wasn’t getting any better. Now I blog about things that SINCERIOUSLY matter to me. I do reviews as well and I give my 100% SINCERIOUSLY opinion on the products because that’s the only way to do reviews and it’s what the companies and my followers want.

  3. Awesome! Blogging is also a form of therapy for me to deal with the “every day punches” and share with the world. To not feel so alone, yanno! I love that you are taking negatives and making them positives and working to help enrich others’ lives as well! The quote you have in the beginning about a karma cleanse is sooo true and I especially appreciate the “Check your motives” because that is so important and often something we forget about. Thanks for sharing!

  4. SINCERIOUSLY what an awesome word! I am the kind of person who says what they mean and means what they say. I don’t worry about what other people think of me or what I stand for. I share my sinceriously views with others via social media and face to face contact. I love the way you are showing your sinceriously vision with the t-shirt campaigns. I have to jump on the #CancerSucks band wagon, cause as you said who doesn’t hate cancer. Keep sharing the good, bad and the ugly and you are sure to bless someone along the way! Every life matters!

  5. I love the meaning of the word SINCERIOUSLY. But sometimes I tend to hold back my words and not say things sinceriously. I guess we have to consider being sensitive sometimes but I sinceriously agree that we must say what we want to say and stand strong on our grounds. And by the way, I like the F*ck cancer shirt.

  6. I love learning about charities that people hold near and dear to their hearts. Were you one of the people who participated in the ice bucket challenge this summer? I did, and donated to a cause close to my heart, the Colon Cancer Society. My dad passed away from the horrible disease and it is my hope that I can save others from his fate.

    Wishing you all the best.


    1. I did do that over the summer, didn’t have the ice, because we have none. But I did donate as well. I love being able to help out. One of the causes I work with yearly over the last 7 years is March of Dimes!

  7. Cancer is a subject personal to my family, and to see someone with such passion in terms of commitment and activism is inspiring. The fact that you have raised these funds is sinceriously incredible! The t-shirts and products are more than just an item of clothing but a purchase towards combating this illness for future generations!

  8. Omg love this post!!! I started to blog to share all my recipes and diy projects I do. Now that my blog has grown I do sponsored post and reviews as well and ughhh….. As much as I love reviews, a lot of “fake” blogger types has really ruined it…. When I don’t like products, I will tell the company and tell them and ask if they want me to actually write up the negative post or should be just leave it at I dont like and we can just forget eachother kinda thing, and omg I’ve been yelled at by companies because of this! They expect me to write a post about how great they are because others do and ummmmm NO! Not lying to my readers -_- it’s kinda turned into a headache….

    1. When I first started doing one the one site, i did EVERYTHING, even all those fake pills.. and 99% of the time it didnt do anything and so many companies got MAD because I was honest and giving a negative posts, but i refuse to lie..

  9. What great causes to support! One of my kids is a quirky, not very self confident kid and I worry about him one day being bullied, if he hasn’t been already. Thanks for speaking out and mustering support!

  10. I love that there’s a new campaign like this. Cancer has affected so many people, and unfortunately I think that sometimes makes it commonplace and people forget how important it is to continue to support the cause.

  11. This is exactly why I love bloggers. I can’t agree with you more! Blogging is serious therapy for me. I always hope that by opening up and sharing my most personal issues on my blog, that hopefully it will even help just one person! Sure opening up is scary and sometimes terrifying, but helping someone is so worth it!

  12. You support some really great causes and what’s most important is that you are sincerious about all of them! I agree we all have life experiences that can make us go either way. Glad to see that you are remaining positive!

  13. Pretty sure I’m going to steal that word! Sinceriously just has a certain ring to it, don’t you think? I think as a blogger it’s important to be Sincerious for all of our readers. We owe it to them, don’t we? 🙂

  14. That is SO awesome. I am loving the sinceriously!! It definitely sounds like a great cause and a great product to support. I’m loving these ideas to show support and lift one another up. 60,000+ shirts is SO great!

  15. Michelle Hwee says:

    How creative! I love the word “sinceriously”! It is just so unique and it has a nice ring to it! You really inspired to me and it was so wonderful reading your post. Life definitely has its up and downs but what I always think about is the goal and to be proud of how far I have come. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I love the Eff Cancer shirts. Its powerful campaign that gets straight to the point because we all do know someone that has been affected by this disease. I like your definition of the word sinceriousy….its all karma related!

  17. I want the F Cancer shirt!!! I love it!!!! I love the word Sinceriously! That’s awesome! I have to say I never heard of this campaign or anything before =( I don’t pay attention to much that goes on around me, I know its sad! But I love this post!!!!! And now I need to get me that shirt!!!!

  18. I love this Sinceriously…I absolutely love it! I would have to agree that blogging is a way a expression. It’s a way to work thru and share your most inner thoughts . But as Christine C said, it is scary to share but if by doing so you help someone then it is well worth it. 🙂