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  1. This would probably work good for me.. if in fact it can curb my appetite like it says it does.. I am the type that gets up and starts to pick at whatever is in the closet..

    1. Yes, I was doing that exact same thing, so I totally understand.

  2. I don’t really want to curb my appetite at this point. I eat often, but that’s because I’m breastfeeding. Thanks for sharing about this product.

  3. This is an interesting product. I’ve never been a big fan of fat burners or appetite suppressants due to some of the horrible side effects one can get from some of the ingredients. I might try this one, though. It seems safe enough, and all natural is always a plus for me.

  4. I have heard of these but always been scared to take weight loss pills. I too want to lose weight and be hot again. 😉 I may try this because I really NEED to curb my appetite. =( Good luck on your weight loss journey. =)

  5. Jessica P says:

    I have taken this brand’s Raspberry Ketones before. This was one of the few diet supplements that I actually liked, because I felt a boost in energy. It didn’t contribute to major weight loss or anything, but I didn’t have any side-effects, either. And I love that raspberry smell!

  6. I have been eyeing this on the counter at my local Walmart. I have heard great reviews about this product too., no fillers is a good thing I look for.

  7. I never take diet pills because the side effects always scare me, But this actually sounds like a good product! Thanks for sharing

  8. I have heard so much hype about this, I’ve wondered if it actually works. Would be interested to hear an update once you finish the bottle.

  9. John Kenneth Acibedo says:

    Good I must try this brand i think it’s good for my life style 🙂

  10. this sounds really good but I cannot swallow pills haha I only have one pill everyday I dont even take my multi vitamins since I am having a hard time with them. My husband though is pill dependant this looks very cute to have plus the benefits

  11. I have used Raspberry Ketones too. They really do help with suppressing your appetite.

  12. While I like products that help curb the appetite, I also believe that eating right, getting enough sleep every night, and incorporating regular exercise in your life will help you lose weight ( and eventually maintain it ). I like this though. I’m intrigued 😀

  13. ughh I wish my problem was to curb my appetite my biggest problem is drinking coke all day long, back to the product I might give a try but I would love to talk to my doctor before

  14. I never heard of this before but I do not usually do fat burners. This seems like one of the better products than the others I have heard about.

  15. I’ve been seeing this raspberry ketones and intrigued if this is effective. I’m looking for a weight loss supplement that will not make me dizzy or thirsty. I think I’ll consider this and add to my shopping list. Hope this is available here in our country.

  16. Sorry, i feel like I misread this… you do recommend them, but won’t be buying more? I totally agree with your assessment that to lose wight it takes more than a magic pill of sorts. At least if you want to keep it off. I had never heard of this product. So thanks for sharing.

  17. The ketons are great. They’re a healthy part of our lives. We just need to get them consistently.

  18. edwardsmom says:

    Ooh Id love to be a hot mom of 4 kids too! Great review – thanks for all of the information about Ketones

  19. Interesting. I had not head of Ketones before but I like your review on them!

  20. You are right. Healthy habits can´t be replaced by a few pills. Taking those and doing nothing all day plus eating gigantic portions of empty calories will not help anybody loose weight. Impressed by the one hour daily exercise.

  21. a few of my friends swear by these but i havent tried them yet and im still on the fence