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  1. This looks like a dandy thing to have, especially during that time of the month! There is a subscription box for pretty much everything now a days. I see some chocolate in there that I would like to have!

  2. Shelley King says:

    I swear they have boxes for everything now days. This is a great idea for all women. Who doesn’t want to open a box full of goodies at the worst part of the month? I am actually pretty good most of the time but this would really make my well better!

  3. Well, you win the interwebs today missy! I’ve never heard of subscription boxes for lady days. Who knew? So many varieties too! I have to commend these gals for coming up with this idea. It’s brilliant!

  4. This is a great idea! I wish this would have been available when I was young! My periods were horrible and I suffered a lot! I celebrated when I had my hysterectomy and didn’t have to deal with the monthly monster. This is a wonderful thing to have for younger gals!!

  5. THis is an amazing idea! I can’t imagine how amazing it would be to get a special box of gifts every time I got my period. Who ever thought of this is a genius. Those bags of brownie brittle go way too fast in my house.

  6. I have never seen such a thing! These subscription boxes are long overdue! My daughter and I both will be subscribing.

  7. WOW – they have subscription boxes for everything, don’t they? I’m just waiting now for one for Menopause!!

    I love subscription boxes, they make my life more enjoyable. I just opened one up from another company and I love everything they sent me.

    Monthly periods are no fun, so hopefully, your products here will help.

  8. This is a great list! Honestly I’ve never thought of getting a period subscription box but it’s a genius idea.

  9. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    They have boxes for all kinds of things now! I love this concept. I think it would be really neat if they offered a box that included reusable menstrual products too!

  10. Dana Rodriguez says:

    These all sound like great subscription boxes. I think I would really like B*tchy Box.

  11. Thoughtful curated sub box