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  1. growingupmomma says:

    Wow, what an interesting product! I am not a drinker, but as I was reading your post, I was thinking this would be a great product to add to the college baskets I make for my family during their first year away- Lord knows every freshman needs a hangover cure at least once during the year 😉 Thanks for sharing, I’m interested to hear how it works for your friend!

  2. I always hated getting hangovers back in the day. Luckily as I have gotten older I have figured out what works for my body for preventing them. This sounds like a great product to take to prevent them!

  3. Hmm.. What an interesting product. I have never heard of this before… However, that is probably because I don’t drink. Never have actually. Haha. I however, would like to know how it works out for your friend. I know some folks who could use a hangover cure! haha

  4. I don’t need this personally but I know someone who does, lol. I’m going to tell her about it, I meant to last time I read a review about the new hungover cure but I forgot to. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have never experienced having a hangover because I don’t drink. My parents don’t allow me to and I also don’t want some trouble and headaches afterwards. It’s great that the Never Hungover (ohh great name too!) has effective formula that can help neutralize toxins from alcoholic drinks. The many vitamins included inside are also beneficial for the health.

  6. I never heard of Never Hangover, but it’s a fantastic idea. I love all of the healthy ingredients, and I’m quite curious how it tastes. Mostly, though, I wish that this product was around when I was in college.

  7. I’ve heard of Never Hungover but have not tried it as it is not available in Sweden. I think this will be a great product for college kids (assuming it works). Now that I am older and much more responsible with my drinking, I don’t think I really have a need for this product. That kind of seems to be the consensus with many adults!

  8. Huh, interesting…! I’ve never tried these drinks, but the key ingredients, particularly aloe vera, green tea, potassium, and vitamin B are all elements that I ingest, in one form or another, to stay feeling healthy and alert. Milk thistle is a new one though, I wasn’t aware of its liver rejuvenation benefits. I wonder what it tastes like…? Let us know what your friend thinks of it… 🙂 (I don’t drink much either, but some of my peers could probably use it..)


  9. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    I don’t drink a lot, purely because I couldn’t be hungover and look after my little toddler but these drinks sound great. I don’t think they’re available in Ireland but I love the list of nutrients they have for getting you back to your best. Potassium is so important for when you have a hangover, it’s why I always have a bottle of Coke and a banana after drinking, it makes me get back to top form – strange but true. These should give these out in the goodie bags in Freshers week at colleges, they would be a lifesaver I’m sure! 🙂

    1. Normally I would just drink a lot of water, eat a banana or two.. some toast then just sleep it off, lol.. You would have to check the website to see if it ships over there, that’s my best bet..

  10. I’m just like you … where was this five years ago! I have heard before that certain vitamins can help prevent hangovers, so I guess this makes sense. Bars should sell these right along with drinks – I bet they’d make a fortune.

    1. That’s actually a really good idea… I should get a few packs and sell them as singles outside of bars, i would make a pretty penny lol

  11. How cool is this stuff?! I’ve heard of stuff like this but never actually looked into it. Where was this when I was in high school?! Lol. Too bad I don’t drink much anymore, because this is really great. I’m going to pass this along to my friends!