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  1. Okay- I can really dig this. I love the lyrics. You are so good at sourcing good music on Youtube. I used to a Monday Music post and this makes me want to do it again… Alisha’s a great find, Natalie!

    1. DO IT!!!! I have about 8 facebook friends who are singers, haha I thought about doing a music week and have like Q&A’s too.. but I love finding great music!

  2. Elizabeth Copeland says:

    I love these lyrics! I’m so glad to hear more music that encourages women, and reminds them of their value. So much music just belittles women.

  3. It’s amazing how we can make friends all over the world now. I have friends I met on a forum over 10 years ago, we formed a small group and still connect with each other all the time. Sometimes they can be closer than “real life” friends.

  4. Awesome! Really great lyrics. It’s really deep and from the heart.

  5. I love the lyrics. I have so many friends I want to share them with. We all need to these these things more often in my opinion!

  6. This is a GREAT song and a lovely way to share it with my friends who need to hear it!

  7. Very interesting song. I believe no woman needs a man – do what you do and the right person will come along. 🙂

  8. I love the lyrics! I like listening to songs that speak of a woman’s worth. Thanks for sharing! Great job!