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How Can You Become A UGC Creator?


How Can You Become A UGC Creator? Unless you’ve been living under a rock. The title ‘UGC Creator’ has been pretty trendy this year across social media. TikTok and Instagram are prioritizing more personality-based, lo-fi videos so brands are now scrambling to get more ‘real’ content for their social feeds.

Influencer-Generated Content vs. User-Generated Content

Influencer-generated content (IGC) and user-generated content (UGC) can help your brand promote a product or service. 

Both types of content have shared benefits. In addition to freeing up your team to focus on other projects, IGC and UGC can boost engagement, generate trust, and encourage sales. Research shows 92% of consumers trust user-generated content more than traditional advertising and 46% of social media users have purchased a product mentioned by an influencer. 

IGC is content created by an influencer. It’s sometimes called a sponsored post, but it can take many forms be it an Instagram picture of a product or a TikTok demonstrating a new service.

UGC is content created by a user or a customer. Unlike influencer-generated content, which is typically produced by experts, celebrities, or popular social media personalities, user-generated content comes from “regular” people. 

Creating Content For UGC Portfolio

If you haven’t created this type of content before and you’re new to all of this. Walk around your house and find items and take pictures and videos of those products. They can be how to use videos, just talking about a product, a GRWM (Get Ready With Me), etc. Look at what other’s are doing across social media, just remember not to copy others, be original.

We can set up a 1 on 1 over Zoom or Google Hangouts and I can give you a few examples or any questions you have. I’ve been a content creator for the last 15 years, so I would love to share with anyone who wants to learn. Leave your email below if you’re interested!

What To Include on Your UGC Creator Portfolio

Most UGC Creators, create their portfolios and websites with Since Canva just recently rolled out websites, that’s their way to go if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about graphic & web design. However, while it’s great to have a PDF file of your portfolio, I have my portfolio as a page on my website.

I find it easier, it also pushes traffic to my website vs pushing traffic to Canva. You want to get more people seeing your portfolio, you should create a website, even if it’s just on Blogspot, make it your own thing. If you need help setting up a website and portfolio, check out my digital services.

  • Your Name & Contact Email
  • ‘About Me’ paragraph
  • Why brands should collab with you paragraph
  • Explain what UGC means & stats
  • Examples of Images & Videos (turn off auto start)
  • Prices & Packages options
  • Contact Form (or a way for them to contact you

What To Do After You Make A Portfolio

Make Social Media accounts, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Tiktok.

Make sure your social media profile includes:

  • Your Name | UGC Creator
  • A short bio (location, niche, hobbies)
  • a #LinkInBio (you can use a free site or make it a page on your website)

TIP #1: If you design your own website, you can have your portfolio and #linkinbio all go to the same place. Not only does it bring you traffic, it shows everyone you’re more professional.

TIP #2: Your #LinkInBio can include multiple links, which makes it easier for the brands who are trying to contact you.

How to Find & Contact Brands

You can send quick pitches to brands on Social Media. If you search for #UGCCreator on Twitter, there’s quite a lot of tips & info. There’s a number of Facebook groups as well. I like to take it a step forward and reach out to brands this way.

UGC Creator Pitch Email Example

Hey (brand name),
I am ___________, a U.S. based UGC creator and I would love to make some quality UGC content for your awesome brand.

If interested in learning more, please view my portfolio to see past partnerships and my rates. I would love to work with you!

Looking forward to hearing from you, have a great week!
(Your Name)

Important Links:

Digital Services

Sign up for Canva

Where to Find Brands

Example of UGC Creator Portfolio

PS. You don’t have to pay platforms to become a UGC Creator, so many companies are trying to claim they’re UGC friendly and they will just take most of the money. BUT if you do all the work, you will profit all the money, even if it just starts as gifted items vs paid ones.

Do you have any questions on How Can You Become A UGC Creator? Leave them in the comments below!

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