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Been creating eye catching & brand awareness content for Brands since 2010!

About Me

About Me

Natalie Holland, UGC Creator

My name is Natalie, a mom currently living in North Carolina. I am 36 years old and I have 4 amazing children, Hailey 18, John 15, Hannah 11 & Jacob 9.

I’ve been a content creator and influencer for 15 years! I also have 20 years experience in graphic + web design. I also have a lifestyle blog, that’s been going for 10 years.

I cover ALL topics, a few are mental health, parenting, wellness + beauty, DIY projects, recipes, gift guides, travel & entertainment.

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What is UGC?

UGC (User Generated Content) is any form of ​content such as photos, videos, reviews, etc ​taken by real people who can help brands ​stand out. UGC is currently known to be the ​most reliable and authentic form of content ​because it allows consumers to trust more in ​brand products.

Why UGC matters?

UGC may seem like just another marketing trend, but there’s a big difference between this and the next marketing fad.

User-generated content:

Is authentic marketing for your product.

Builds trust between potential customers and your brand.

Allows shoppers to see their peers using your products and picture how they would use it.

Why you should pick me.

I’ve been working with brands to bring brand awareness and creating content for them for over 10 years. I’ve worked with thousands of brands big and small.

For your intended audience, I produce eye-catching and engaging content that is in line with your unique brand style! I am educated on the current social media trends and marketing that will allow me to produce the best content that will suit your needs and consumers interests.

Services & Prices

Type of Content

– unboxing
– trends
– How-To Videos
– Product Hauls
– Daily Vlogs
– testimonials
– product reviews
– written blog content
& more!

For Monthly packages, please get in touch for more details.

My Niches

Women’s Health
Health & Wellness
Home Decor
Recipes & Cooking
Adult Products
Men’s Fashion
Woman’s Fashion


1 UGC Photo $100
5 UGC Photos $350
10 UGC Photos $600

(30-60 seconds max)
1 UGC Videos $200
5 UGC Videos $750

For Monthly packages, please get in touch for more details.


As a UGC Creator, I always strive to create authentic and appealing videos for your target audience. I have attached some examples of my work below, as well as my prices for my high-quality services.

recent work | photography

tiktok videos & instagram reels


#ad It’s easy to make fruits and vegetables a apart of your routine with @Daily Harvest 🍆🥑🍓 #dailyharvestpartner #plantbased #foodtiktok #foryou

♬ LAst dAy oN EaRTh – Tai Verdes

This home decor subscription box from @decocrated_home is the perfect addition to any home ✨ #homedecor #holidaygiftguide #foryou #subscriptionbox

♬ Up and Away (Vocalese) – GHOSTLAND
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