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  1. My girl is organizing a costume party at home. I´m not planning on dressing up although I might chenge my mind in the last minute! Lol. Loved the first tagline of Life´s better in a costume. 😀

  2. I’m gonna be a zombie for Halloween. There are a lot of shops offering coupons and discount this Halloween period.

  3. I can’t believe how much some people spend on their Halloween costumes. I’m totally a bargain shopper. We’ll probably check out that Wal-Mart deal because we still need a costume for 1 of our dogs.

    1. I hear ya on that.. i always go shoppin after Halloween is over for the next year, haha

  4. My kids do not dress up any more. I do like to dress up to hand out candy to all the cute little ones. I bet we will be seeing a lot of Frozen characters and super heroes.

  5. There are so many last minute shoppers out there . Great share.

  6. Perfect, we’re just getting around to finding costumes and now we’ll be able to save lots of money on them!

  7. Elizabeth O. says:

    Halloween is an excuse to splurge on costumes. I’m excited for mine!

  8. Oh yeah Halloween is coming and I would love to see some costumes out there

  9. We really don’t celebrate Halloween, but these are wonderful savings!

    HilLesha O’Nan

  10. I got a really good costume a few years ago, and I save it from year to year. Maybe I’ll get a new one this year… maybe! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Being able to save with costumes is just really awesome – we could all have all the savings we could get.

  12. I love being able to save this time of year. Thanks for putting this together.

  13. I am a huge fan of Halloween. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the unique costumes and make up that people come up with every year.