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  1. When I read wine art, i quickly stepped away from the computer to get me a glass of white lol so thanks. Fulcrum sound like a great shop and seems to store different types of art work. Glad to know they have something for everyone, I do not have my own house yet but i do know what kind of art i want to display.

    1. If you can’t use nails or whatnot, you can use command hooks, that’s what I’m using. There was a good collection of alcohol art work on the site, I will have to go back for those, haha

  2. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    That wall art you picked looks so lovely. It’s always great to have inspirational and positive words on the walls of you’re house, great for reading when you need some uplifting. Fulcrum have some lovely wall art options, so many things to choose from.

  3. I love that I can use my own picture to make prints. I wonder if I could send in pics of my children’s art works to be made into prints. I need something like this for Christmas as there’s nothing I can think of I need. this would be an excellent gift.

  4. Having an art wall piece in any room especially in the living room and in bedroom/guest room is perfect to accentuate the theme and design of the home. I just browsed through the gallery and I too felt that it’s hard to decide which one to select. Word posters also look nice. They make really great conversation starters.

  5. I love gallery art and canvas art, so I’d love this company! I love the different prints that they have as well! I’m the type of person that loves to fill all the walls with pictures, so I would be into all of their goodies!

  6. My walls are quite naked as well, so I could use some nice wall arts as well. I love the word art as well or black and white landscapes are quite cool as well. Great review and thanks for giving me some inspiration here.

  7. Canva art and subway art are becoming so popular. It is becoming a staple home decor piece for any and all homes this modern day. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I’ve seen reviews for Fulcrum Gallery recently that has my interest sparked. Everyone recommends them highly. Like you, I love word art and I’m going to have to go see what all they offer. I have a big blank wall that needs dressed up with something special. I haven’t found it yet.

  9. I think word art is so much fun in a hallway, den, family room, and especially in a home office – it can be quite motivating! I know that you had a hard time picking just one thing at Fulcrum Gallery. There are so many different options to consider, and just when you think you’ve got it narrowed down…you see another category. I LOVED how they have so many specific categories to choose from.

  10. I think having your own photo or your family’s portrait turn into a wall art is really cool! I wish they can also deliver in my country so I can order for my new home 🙂