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  1. I had no idea that 1 in 3 American children have no father figure. Thank you for being brave to share your heart to your daughter in this letter. You are a wonderful mother to her.

  2. Emily Ann Benzing says:

    Wow this letter is very inspiring. My boyfriend grew up without any father figure, and I’ve had a strained father relationship for a long time. It’s good to know nobody is alone.

  3. This is a wonderful letter. A mom or dad raising a child without the other parent because they abdicated, is hard to assuage the hurts. Sometimes when that parent is much older, they regret what they did, although it doesn’t make up for abandoning responsibilities all those years.

  4. I always admire moms like you that play the role of moms and dads. Your are brave and I am sure you are doing a fantastic job in raising your daughter. Beautiful words here. I hope your daughter values this when she is old enough to understand.

  5. Wow. this post is so well written. Thank you for your authentic letter. I hope you know how amazing you are as a mother and a father for your daughter. I had no idea about the 1 and 3 stat about fatherless relationships. So sad. I know how lucky my kids are for a great dad in their corner.

  6. What a beautiful letter to your daughter. I too was a single mother to my son being mom and dad is so hard, especially to a boy. I was lucky enough to meet someone when he was two and we have been together ever since. He’s 23 now but I remember the days when it was just him and I. You’re a great mom and she will always remember you stood by her and loved her.

  7. This is such a wonderful letter! Your daughter is so lucky to have you and don’t forget that for a child the most important person is the mother! And you are always there for her! You must be proud of yourself!

  8. WOW, what a touchy, wonderful letter to your daughter! The great thing about all of this is, she’ll always remember the love you showed and shared with her. To me, that is more “Priceless” then anything! You are a brave spirit that walks in the shoes of mom and dad and not many moms can do that!

  9. Reading this breaks my heart as a dad. I can’t imagine ever not being there for my daughter. Although after dealing with things with her mother, I do know why some dads get overwhelmed. Some mother’s make it difficult for the dad’s in their children’s life. I am sure you are not one of those. But for those who are, please consider your kids and know that they should have a dad in their life. And they will feel it keenly if he isn’t there. . . even if you are there.

    1. The dad of the other 3 uses them as pawns in his game against me and has custody of them. That’s a whole different blog post, lol. I agree kids should have both parents in their life, not all agree with this though and that within itself is heartbreaking.

  10. This really resonates with me, because I grew up fatherless for most of my life and the couple of years that he was around, was filled with alcohol and abuse, verbal, mental and physical. Honestly, I grew up fatherless, but I did have male figures to look up to. My older brother, he did so much for me and my grandfather, my mom’s dad, he was our rock.

    My mom, a hard working single mother, is who I look up to the most, however. She did so much and she always managed to keep us together and gave us what we needed. She was a better father figure and mother than I ever could have hoped for and a lot of my parenting values come from the hard work and things that she provided for us during hard times.

  11. This is very beautifully written. You don’t realize the numbers until you read these statistics. I know many individuals who grew up without a father and you can tell that even many years down the road, there is that impact. My husband smoked for almost twenty years and I am very thankful he quit soon after we started dating, I wanted him to be there for his family.

  12. The fact that your daughter had your father in her life is a plus. I will promise you that she will be stronger because of all she went through. Kudos to you for sharing your feelings with not only your daughter but to your readers as well.

  13. A very touching and inspiring letter. My dad is a kind, patient and quite person, always got along terrific.

  14. Dan Denman says:

    This is strong and touching. Single parents have it tough. I am very fortunate to have a father who loves me. Being a father to my kids has been one of the richest blessings in my life.

  15. This post was so touching to read! I can relate on so many levels to this. Thank you for reminding me I’m not alone.

    Name: edye

  16. What a sweet letter to your daughter. You are raising her to be strong.

  17. Very moved by this letter. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  18. What an amazing letter.

  19. Cynthia R says:

    I know too many fatherless daughters and sons, it breaks my heart. This is a very touching poignant post. your best yet

  20. Lyndsey R. says:

    Such a great read. My father actually raised me all on his own. I am lucky to have a good father for my son.

  21. Sad and touching piece. Thanks for share.