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  1. Great post. I encourage my family all the time during the dark cold months of February. We get out and do things together and I help them a lot!

  2. Here’s some advice I got from a Chemo therapist who treats young kids who have cancer: Imagine a door at the end of a long hallway- as you walk down the hall, all your pain, sorrow and memories of the past follow like a dark shadow. You reach the door, finally and open it, allowing your shadow to enter – then you lock the door. As you return back down the hall, your spirit lifts, your mind is on the day ahead.

  3. Those are such touching lyrics. I’ve been going through a hard time recently, and this definitely made me feel better.

  4. I love your story. It is inspiring. I know the feeling of depression. It is hard to get yourself out of that mindset, but I am glad God was able to help and guide you.