Quick & Easy Deep Fried Oreos

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try a deep fried Oreo but never did yet. They sound like a fun indulgence! Great easy recipe.

  2. I haven’t tried a deep fried oreo. I think just about anything can be fried! It looks tasty. I know that different vendors sell them at the fair.

  3. I’ve tried there at the carnival and OMG they are so delicious! I am so glad I came across your recipe because I cannot wait to try my own. I have a deep fryer so I am ready!

  4. I had no idea that deep-fried Oreos were even a thing! But I can see why they are, they look absolutely delicious. Cannot wait to give your recipe a try!

  5. Daaaaaang! Those are just two of my favorite things. Deep fried anything. Oreo cookies! Although I am not sure I can handle the sugar rush of the combo! I love that you combined these together!

  6. Yum, these sound so tasty! My husband would go wild for them. They remind me of the homemade donuts my mom used to make when I was little. I bet they would taste amazing made with the peanut butter filling Oreos!

  7. I’ve been to carnivals before, but I’ve never tried fried Oreos! I don’t think a pack of Oreos would last long enough around here to be able to try deep frying them. lol Funnel cakes are a great treat though!! One of my favorite things to get at the fair each year!

  8. We’ve not yet tried this, I think I saw them last year at the fairs. It would be fun to do, I don’t have a favorite one yet!

  9. If I were to try these I’d try the chocolate centre oreos as chocolate is god in our house. The kids would like the double stuffed as well!


  10. My uncle would really love these. I might make a batch during the holidays. He is diabetic and shouldn’t be tempted by such a delight as this.

  11. yum! yes I have tried these as well as funnel cakes and both are excellent, not healthy, but a treat we can have once in a while. Thanks for the recipe want to try this out with the grandkids!