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  1. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    I needed to read this post this morning because I’ve woken up with a cold AGAIN! I need to go and buy some Vicks, it’s the best thing ever for colds.

  2. These are definitely all items I have for when I have a cold! When back home, I love the Kleenex moisturizing tissues- blowing your nose so many times can dry it out, so I like the moisturizing ones to combat this!

  3. I’m currently fighting a TERRIBLE cold right now and Progresso Soup has really helped me out! Soups and chili are all I eat when I’m under the weather <3

  4. We have miserable colds here in our house – even my poor 6 month old has one :/ Does chicken noodle soup really help? It’s not widely used in the UK.

  5. Chicken noodle soup is definitely a must whenever I’m sick. This is a great list of essentials. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I completely agree with your list! Especially the soup. I am a big baby when I have a cold and all I want to eat is soup!

  7. This is a great list!!! I give my daughter dimatap and if I’m not feeling well, I sometimes take it myself if we have nothing else in the house lol

  8. its a great info, for this climate season we suffer, good for children, baby and sometimes the adult also..

  9. Michelle Hwee says:

    These are some great items to definitely have on hand. I have a ton of those BBW hand santitizers and the tissue boxes! 🙂

  10. I can feel the start of the cold and this post is helpful, need to buy some vapor rub as thats what i am missing

  11. These are great items to have around especially this time of year. The Dimetapp for kids is awesome and I love they have the different ones for different symptoms. Vicks Vaporub is amazing when you have a cold and I put a lil under my nose to help me breath when laying down. Thanks for sharing.

  12. We have managed to avoid colds and coughs so far this winter. It’s long from over but I’m hoping the flu I caught in the fall is all there is 🙂

  13. Tami @ ThisMomsDelight says:

    I actually use all of these items. We battle colds all winter long it seems.

  14. I don’t use ANY of this stuff!! lol I’m a crunchy Mama. Thieves oil is my go to….you just rub a couple of drops on the soles of your feet to prevent a virus. On the off chance anyone in the house becomes sick, we can diffuse it and take a drop or two in a drink. It doesn’t taste bad (eugh, oil of oregano makes me want to cry lol) and it smells wonderful! Plus it kills germs. I’m telling you, that stuff is liquid gold! lol

    I hope you remain healthy during this icky flu season!! Great suggestions!