20+ 2022 End of Summer Gift Guide Ideas

20+ 2022 end of summer gift guide ideas

Giving gifts is my love language and it makes me so happy! Let me give you some great ideas for your friends & family. Each item in this 2022 end of Summer gift guide ideas post has been hand selected by myself! Check out the other gift guide ideas on the blog.

20+ Epic 2022 End of Summer Gift Guide Items

Ready, Set, Glow! Kit – $409.99

LifeVantage, a pioneer in nutrigenomics, has unveiled a brand new product to fight signs of aging from within – TrueScience Liquid Collagen. This product features Ruby Quinoa which activates the body’s natural collagen and increases collagen density by 42%. 

With the tagline Ready. Set. Glow., TrueScience Liquid Collagen is proven to improve skin moisture, tone and texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and protect against damaging effects of oxidative stress.

The Re(Set) Collection from MadeMan – $99.99

Men need a skin routine, too. Modern gents have a new skincare routine they can quickly complete in two steps, making it easy to get better-looking skin in just two minutes. This set includes The Resetter, a 2-in-1 Shave Cream/Face Wash, and The Refresher, an All-in-One Moisturizer.

The products are certified vegan, cruelty-free, Made in America, and free of phthalates, sulfates, parabens, gluten, and GMOs. It is also Harvard dermatologist-formulated, tested, and approved for all skin types. MadeMan simplifies self-care for men who have arrived and those on their way, refreshing faces with an entire routine packed into two easy products.

Geotanical Collection from Broken Top Brands – 16.00+

Perfect for keeping them men looking and smelling great, Broken Top Brands offers hand-crafted sustainable and eco conscious luxury bath, body and home products. Broken Top utilizes only natural and organic materials.

They are mindfully sourced to be renewable and recyclable, free of parabens and gluten as well as vegan. Their candles incorporate all-natural cotton and cotton core wicks that are lead and zinc free.

SkinMD Shielding Lotion – $18.95+

Gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin, SkinMD is incredibly lightweight, fast-absorbing and promotes healthy skin by calming and protecting.

One of the key ingredients is Arnica Flower, which provides anti-inflammatory benefits, which is great for protecting sensitive skin types prone to irritation, eczema, and Psoriasis.

Great as a daily moisturizer, the proprietary formula of botanicals are organic, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and colorant-free. Made in the USA, every ingredient is on the FDA’s most safe list.

All Glown Up Mud Mask – $18

This super hydrating mask is packed with antioxidants that quench your skin’s thirst even on dry, dull days. New Legends Cosmetics is founded by teens for teens.

The clean skincare brand is safe, effective, and fun. Made to inspire self-confidence, self-love, and authenticity, they encourage teens to rock their imperfections, be messy, be loud, and live life in color.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Brandless – $14

Reduce. Reuse. Rehydrate. Our 20 oz 304-series stainless steel water bottle looks great on you on any occasion. Take it on the road, on a hike, to your office water cooler really wherever your heart takes you. Its double-wall, vacuum-insulated, and leak-resistant design has got you covered for both hot and cold beverages.

Miage Skincare – 99.00+

Introducing the world’s first eye elixir to leverage isotonic absorption technology, this waterless, La Milpa Cactus-infused eye concentrate is able to attune delicate skin to its optimum health.

A step above the “watered-down” formulas currently on the market, Míage’s ultra-concentrated anhydrous solution works in osmosis with healthy skin cells to deliver a surge of nutrients that ignite an external brightening that awakens from deep within.

Lotus Trolley Bags from Lotus Sustainables – $17.99+

Conveniently shop for groceries with our Extra Wide Lotus Trolley Bags that fits right in your large trolley shopping cart to help organize your groceries so you can quickly grab the items you need and head straight to the counter or your car!

Our set of 3 reusable grocery cart bags are designed to fit large trolley club carts perfect for Costco, Sam’s Club, Aldi, HEB and BJ! The extended handles, double stitching and wide openings make our trolley bags easy to carry and unload.

Mongo Kiss by Eco Lips – $13+

We promise a better life for our customers that use our products, the farmers that grow our ingredients and our team members that bring Eco Lips to life every day.

From organic ingredients to all-natural packaging to running on solar power, we work tirelessly to limit our products’ impact on the planet.

Toast! Gummies – $14.99+

It’s time to toast to your birthday! Feel supported before a night of drinking with friends with Toast! supplements. Formulated in bite-sized gummies, the Before You Drink Gummies are scientifically made to protect your liver and reduce hangover symptoms after a night of drinking.

Try the Before You Drink gummy or the Before You Sleep, as both are backed by scientists and made with clinically natural, vegetarian ingredients to improve your health. Great to take before the big celebration for a long weekend of activities! 

 Hair ResQ by Petal Fresh – $11.99+

Hair ResQ Original Formula Shampoo combines Nature + Science; it is formulated with all natural ingredients to address thinning hair concerns and is suitable for both men and women.

Hair ResQ Biotin B-Complex vitamins B3, B5 & B7 envelopes the hair shaft to build body and increase thickness while Caffeine energizes the scalp and stimulates hair follicles for extended vitality.

Drink Stirrers at Friendlily Press – $15+

Pair your favorite drink with a whimsical Beverage Mixing Sticks from Friendlily Press! Available in a wide variety of themes including Throwback, Lifestyle, Travel, and much more.

There is truly something for everyone’s style, and you can build out collections that fit your personality. Wash and reuse again and again!

Made of sturdy acrylic, these fun Beverage Mixing Sticks work in hot or cold drinks. You can even upcycle the stirrers by giving your kitchen plants cute new accessories that add some flair. 

RĀ.D8 by GnuSanté – $16+

Operated under Vancouver-based company GnuSanté, RĀ.D8 was created by the beverage category disruptor Ron Kendrick and professional scuba diver and former model Autumn Kendrick, who is committed to helping people reach their fullest potential, enjoy the outdoors, live brightly and have access to transparent beverage products that promote healthy lifestyles.

The Comfy – $39+

We’re the brand that launched a world-wide craze and made wearing your blanket a thing. The Comfy Original wearable blanket is the world’s first of its kind letting you stay warm and cozy wherever you are.

It’s giant, and it’s supposed to be! We started with a men’s 5XL and have only gone bigger from there. With a huge plush hood, marsupial pocket, oversized sleeves and a high-low hem.

The Comfy is like being hugged by a cloud! Bring it to the next outdoor barbeque, camping trip, beach, drive-in, sleepover or wear it to school! Now you can wear your blanket anywhere!

The Mask Box from NEW LEGENDS COSMETICS – $18+

Teens can feel more self-confident for their first day with clearer skin! These super hydrating masks are packed with antioxidants that quench your skin’s thirst even on dry, dull days.

New Legends Cosmetics is founded by teens for teens. The clean skincare brand is safe, effective, and fun. Made to inspire self-confidence, self-love, and authenticity, they encourage teens to rock their imperfections, be messy, be loud, and live life in color.

Tie-Dye kits by Tulip Color Crafts – $6+

Let your creativity shine with the Tulip! Whether you’re painting, drawing, or tie-dyeing, our extensive line of Tulip products has got you covered for all of your crafting needs.

Our products provide rich colors that are nontoxic and easy to use so that DIYers of all ages and skill levels can experience our wonderful world of color. Get the whole family in on the artistic fun with endless ways to create!

wand stir from PureWine – $14.39

Wine lovers are in love with Pure Wine purifiers! There’s no better time to stock up on the must-have wine purifiers that eliminate histamines and sulfites while enhancing the wine’s natural taste, aroma, and color.

Whatever your preference, red or white, your drinking experience gets better with PureWine. It’s no wonder the brand was the “Most Wished For” Wine Accessory during Amazon Prime Day 2021 and the #1 Selling Wine Accessory on Amazon in 2021.

See for yourself and grab their latest and greatest, The Phoenix reusable wine purifier in white, an elegant accent to a bar cart or tabletop. Let’s cheers to your health and avoid the headache! 

Skin Pampering Kit from LuxaDerme – $35

Perfect for those who feel like they are too busy, LuxaDerme provides you with clean skincare masks to wear from head to toe.

Their luxurious skincare masks are comforting, super easy to use, and feel like each one is made just for you. LuxaDerme uses natural bio-active botanicals infused with antioxidants to give your skin a calming and moisturizing effect.

Highly recommended by dermatologists, aestheticians, skincare professionals and leading salons and spas across the globe, LuxaDerme is a brand you can trust to make you feel pampered and to achieve maximum results with minimal effort.


The modern man deserves the same amount of care and thought in their grooming products that goes into women’s skincare. Invest in yourself with the high-quality skincare line from Michal & Max.

Named after the founder’s father and son, Michal & Max is a men’s lifestyle brand that provides the tools needed for upscale grooming and styling.

Believing that every man should feel and look striking every day, their formulas are a perfect blend of modern science and traditional values to create something outstanding.

Berry Crunch Candle from Artistcent – $33+

Our Berry Crush candle will take you to a summer field filled with luscious sweet berries. Fresh notes of orange, peach and a hint of sugar complete this delectable berry blend. 

Each candle is made with a premium soy wax blend for a long-lasting burn time. Based on the unique artistry of Elizabeth Karlson, you can experience her quality art permanently screened onto each vessel. Stay cozy this fall!

Eye Products from CorneaCare – $15+

CorneaCare is the one-stop source for dry eye treatments and education. The eye health and wellness brand is founded by an ophthalmologist and ophthalmic surgeon.

A simple eye quiz on the brand’s website plus the free app is a great place to start to determine if you have dry eyes, followed by deciding the right course of action.

Botin Hair Growth from Pureauty Naturals – $17.99

Promote healthy hair growth, the smart way! Thicker, stronger, more healthy-looking hair is not just a matter of genetics, it’s a matter of nutrition too.

With this wonderful biotin hair strengthening serum, you can finally help give yourself the dense and lustrous hair you always wanted. The secret of the serum strength lies in its proprietary formula.

Queen’s Vaginal Steaming Herbs by Goddess Detox – $20+

This herbal vaginal steam is made with a special blend of unique herbs to help aid in your physical, spiritual, and emotional cleansing.

Vaginal steam is a process that involves a woman sitting over a bowl of simmering herbs in water, allowing the steam to travel up her vaginal canal to her uterus.

Baby Products by Earth Baby – $15

Committed to using certified organic fruit and vegetable-based ingredients, Earth Baby’s products are non-toxic, gentle, and effective on baby skin, hair, and body.

Earth Baby products provide immediate moisturization and superior hydration, emollient oils and vitamins with a time-controlled release, and dramatically reduced need for high levels of UV filters.

Melograno Dalla Toscana Candle from Vita Mia – $12+

Vita Mia, which translates to “My Life” in Italian, aspires to inspire celebration. Mother-daughter founders, Ita and Sharon Bushy, are avid candle lovers.

Their passion for fragrances during a time of high stress during COVID lockdown sparked their inspiration for this women-led company.

Each premium candle and wax melt is carefully curated to transport the senses, elevate experiences and inspire memorable moments. 

Luck the Game from Breaking Games – $20

Based on the Skydance Animation movie, Luck, featuring on Apple TV. The game Luck is based on the movie, using the same characters Sam, Bob, The Dragon, The Captain, Unicorn and Lucky Leprechaun.

Navigating through the Land of Luck, this beautifully illustrated game combines strategy, bidding, and – of course.

Luck to claim spaces using cards that are auctioned off one at a time, with the ultimate goal of claiming four spaces in a row. Bid against your friends to see if your Luck pays off!

Wristlet Pouch from Luis Steven – $145

A versatile leather pouch to carry your phone, keys, masks and other personal items.  Toss it into your larger bag or carry it by itself with the wristlet.

Our products are made in Los Angeles by experienced local artisans. Our materials include Premium Italian leather, natural suede lining and other internationally sourced materials.

Soaps, Oils & Incense from Sea Witch Botanicals – $15

Sea Witch Botanicals products were born out of our own scent and skin sensitivities. Our passion is helping other people navigate naturally through a toxic world.

We believe in incense without the headaches, soap without the fillers, and skincare without the endorcrine disruptors.

home goods from The Unscented Company – $4+

Canadian company, The Unscented Company is helping families start their day feeling clean and fresh with fragrance-free products in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.

Their full lineup features mighty cleaning products for the home, body and even pets, so you can come home to a cozy haven and relax after a hectic school day.

Ultimate Relief Bundle from Mad Ritual – $90

Enjoy all the benefits of CBD and self massage with our Rest + Relief Set. Use the self massage guide that’s included or freestyle based on what your bod needs!

This set includes our 2 best selling blends and a self-massage guide may help release tension, improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and promote overall wellness. 

Lion’s Mane Mushroom from Fungies Gummies – $19.95

Fungies™ is a whole new way to try out lion’s mane mushroom without weird powders, bitter flavors, or questionable dosing!

Each chewy, fruity gummy is packed with the good stuff to help you handle your day whether that’s chasing after little ones, logging serious hours in front of the computer screen, or hitting the gym.

Adult & Kids Clothes from Little Bipsy – $15+

Little Bipsy is a brand with an eye for fashion, designing the trendiest apparel for babies, toddlers, and youngsters up to 10 years old. It’s for trendsetting littles and their fashion-conscious parents.

Check out their Basic Core Collection, featuring unisex staple pieces designed to make kids fashion-forward and super adorable!

which item is your favorite 2022 End of Summer Gift Guide item?

Disclaimer: This 2022 End of Summer Gift Guide post has items included that were provided at no cost. All products sent to GoodVibesOnTheGo.com for the purposes of this gift guide. Any opinions are my own.


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