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  1. This made me chuckle. According to my OH I’m duck sized – not really short, I’m average height at 5ft 5!

  2. Yeah there are the advantages and disadvantages but i think there are more advantages of tall people. Example is they can pick up whatever on high levels. And if you wish to be basketball player, you’re fit in.

  3. 5′ 8″ is a perfect size in my opinion. I did want to be slightly shorter when younger but happy not to be too short or too tall.

  4. I love the weather picture for number 8, LOL! My boyfriend is 6’4 and I know he relates to a lot of this, and he hates how people always ask him for help because he is able to reach and they cannot. I am only 5’5.

    1. I was gonna add this too, I should make a part two to this… I have strangers come up to me in the store and ask me to grab something for them, haha

  5. I definitely do not have the tall problem.. I am about average height.

  6. hahaha!! I’m not tall–but two of my little sisters are 5’7″-5’8″, and we grew up in Malaysia, which means that they are extremely tall compared to most of society and the clothes available. My little cousin is 14 and 6′ and she does happen to play basketball.

  7. This is such a funny post but they do happen. I’ve seen my brother get irked coz the bed was too small for him.

  8. Too funny! I’m 5’4″ My brother-in-law is 6’6″ and my sister is 5’4″ their personalities matched perfect, but they just didn’t look right standing next to each other. Luv the pic of the 3 girls together!

  9. As a short person, I’m trying to have sympathy. But every time I can’t reach something in my kitchen, a little sympathy dies. I’m 5’1.

  10. Oh my gosh, all so true! LOL I have all of these issues since I am 5’11. If I were any taller, I don’t know how I’d accommodate anything comfortably.

  11. edwardsmom says:

    I will never have these issues. I’m 5’3″ – now we need a post on shorties like me lol

  12. I am 5’7, but my sister is 6’1. My Dad and brother are quite tall too (6’4 and 6’6)

  13. Being tall sometimes can be really tough! I am kind of tallish and have had most of the problems you mention, especially: not having enough leg space anywhere I go!

  14. Aisha Kristine Chong says:

    This is funny, I could even relate to a few of it, haha!