10 Lessons I've Learned About Pain And Heartbreak

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  1. Great tips. Love #10 😉 He is ever present, even in those moments we feel completely alone.

  2. don’t rush dating again is so important. i know too many people who have rushed into dating after a break up or divorce and i don’t think it is healthy at all. i like to take some time to heal

  3. These are definitely true. It’s important to find yourself first after a break-up and make sure that you make yourself happy as well.

  4. After a bad relationship, I have learned how strong I am. Sure, there was a lot of crying, and I mean, a lot. However, I wanted to show the other party that I am not the person he thinks I am. With God’s Grace, I pulled through.

  5. Good points. I’ve been heartbroken in the past with two divorces and it was hard going but I overcame it and became a better and stronger person. Angela

  6. In this list, #5 and #9 are the most difficult. It’s easy to move on, but to forget about your pains that’s a different story. You gotta give yourself just enough time to sulk but make sure that in the process you don’t lose yourself. For #9, it’s the same, you need to give yourself time to sulk and eventually you’ll pick up the pieces and time will come that it no longer hurts. I think that’s when forgiveness comes.

  7. the pain that our hears go through in life some make us strong and some leave us scarred forever. I think we have all felt this pain and if I could I would offer you (((HUGS)))

  8. The few time too many that I suffered from heartbreak I find that completely removing the person from my life is the way to go. Sucks but for me out of sight and out of mind works in this situations!

  9. Freedom does come from forgiveness. It’s not so hard to do now that I’m older, but the hurt still comes just as easy. I guess we just learn to deal with things better as we age a bit. 🙂

  10. I can identify with this, especially with “don’t rush dating again”. Somehow along your journey towards moving on you’ll find this urge to find someone to fill the void. Don’t ever fall into the trap. You’ll only hurt yourself more.

  11. I’ve learned not to have online relationships as they are never the same when you meet. There’s always something that changes so to avoid pain and drama, don’t have them at all. Friendship is the better way to go.

  12. Support systems are the best!!!! Not every friend is a friend for the same reason. I’m fortunate to know many people and I try to find support where I’m certain I’ll get it for any particular purpose.

  13. Support system is very key.
    I have been thru this. It always hurts most when it is fresh and you see others happy.

  14. i am learning all of these except i think people feel i rusheddating, but i realized my best friend was the right guy