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  1. Christina Gould says:

    Wow, what a fantastic collection, but everything looks too scary to eat, lol. Thanks for posting!

  2. These recipes are super cute and very clever! Thanks!

  3. Mary Gardner says:

    These are all great and I especially like the chocolate apples!

  4. I adore the HALLOWEEN MONSTER APPLES, they are pretty healthy for a Halloween treat, and so darn cute!

  5. I love the JACK O’ LANTERN CHEESE QUESADILLAS. Fun and yummy.

  6. I like JACK O’ LANTERN CHEESE QUESADILLAS because A) They are something we have a lot of at our house. B) They look super easy to make!

  7. Julie Waldron says:

    The Spooky Stitched Up Sugar Cookies look really good. But they all look like fun recipes!

  8. These are so cute! Perfect treat ideas for a Halloween party!

  9. Paleo Sugar Cookies are my fave! I’d eat these all year round.

  10. Dana Rodriguez says:

    These are such cute ideas! I really like the Black Cat Halloween Bark!

  11. Antoinette M says:

    These are the best Halloween treats! Love the candy corn meringue cookies!

  12. Those wormy marshmallow monsters would be a HUGE hit anywhere. But especially for younger kids.

  13. These look like some really yummy treats!

  14. Dorothy Boucher says:

    So many wonderful ideas here, I wish I seen this earlier, would have enjoyed a few of these with my grandchildren.

  15. Devon Pickford says:

    Great ideas! I love the spooky quesadilla

  16. Katie Bellamy says:

    I love these all!! They are adorable & look so easy to make!!

  17. ll of these treat look very yummy as well as they are super cute and very clever. Thanks.

  18. Will save these creative treats for this years halloween

  19. Always looking for new fun ways to do treat for the kids for Halloween. Thanks so much for the ideas.

  20. These are almost too cute to eat!

  21. Tiffany S says:

    These look amazing, I will have to try some of these out on Halloween.

  22. These are all very cute. I especially like the Mummy Cookies.

  23. Thomas Gibson says:

    Thanks for these awesome ideas for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

  24. Thomas Gibson says:

    Halloween is upon us. This post offers excellent ideas. Thanks for the post.

  25. Abigail Gibson says:

    My niece would enjoy making these treats.

  26. Deb Pelletier says:

    I like the Frankenstein Monster Halloween Cupcakes, so cute. The other treats look cute all so.

  27. Shannon Victoria Holmes says:

    What fun treats!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  28. these are all so adorable whaaaat?!?! i want to try so many