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  1. monique s says:

    These are some great ideas. I like the bargain ideas and the guidelines to get stuff they really want or will use to minimize waste

  2. Kimberly R. says:

    thanks for sharing. I like to wait for sale throughout the year .

  3. wendy hutton says:

    great ideas, with limited fund sticking to a budget is very important, I don’t buy much as I can’t afford to but I watch for sales year round

  4. I have started using ebates more when I shop online!

  5. Cathy French says:

    Sorry I didn’t see and read this post before shopping through the holidays but I think I did ok this year and didn’t overspend.

  6. Kiara Lovett says:

    Great Tips!! I feel like these are great tips and I will be sharing these tips with my family.

  7. rochelle haynes says:

    Thanks for the tips looking good

  8. Cassandra Iversen says:

    Thanks for the tips.

  9. Jessica Cox says:

    Great ideas and Tips, It is so hard to not overspend on the kids. I try to hit up all year long and I also add money to gift cards all year long and only use them to purchase items

  10. Dorothy Boucher says:

    Thank you for sharing these ideas with us, I know for me , I think I could have done better shopping for 9 grandchildren.

  11. Good ideas for budget wise women with kids. Me, Im 71 years old now so I only get for the smallest grandkids usually cant afford for everyone.

  12. Survived christmas.. lots of holidays this season.. Happy lunar new year

  13. Sandy Klocinski says:

    Awesome ideas! I shop sales throughout the year. Christmas will be here before we know it

  14. All great ways to stay within budget and all of which I’ve used except for the very first one! Didn’t hear about it until after my kids were grown.