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  1. Great roundup. Always fun to look back at the highlights of your year!

  2. It sounds like you had a busy year packed with fun and great memories!

  3. Cathy French says:

    Really nice review in pics. Something I should do but to be honest I always forget to take pictures.

  4. Brenda King says:

    Looks like you had an awesome year! The most exciting thing we did last year was enjoying a ride in a convertible during our Las Vegas vacation. Had a blast!

  5. Dorothy Boucher says:

    I think this is totally awesome!! that you captured your whole year like this, Definitely a great idea for some wall hanging.

  6. Its nice to be able to recap the prior year. Gives you things to remember and re – enjoy. I think we all should write a few things in a book for each month. Think Im gonna start doing that .

  7. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I like the way you did this. I should do something similar for 2021.