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  1. Dana Rodriguez says:

    HAHAH I used to watch this!

  2. Such a good show! I can’t remember an exact one I liked but the actor was amazing!

  3. Dana Matthews says:

    Laura’s prom night with Stefan! The first time I saw that episode I was in awe of the transformation from Urkel to Stefan!

  4. Michelle J. says:

    I used to watch this with my family.

  5. Elizabeth H. says:

    I loved watching Family Matters growing up! I wished Carl Winslow was my dad! I can’t say a favorite episode stuck out to me. I know they tackled some heavy issues like racial profiling, bullying, sexual harassments, etc. What really stumped me…. what happened to the little sister on the show? Carl and Harriett had 3 kids in season one (not Including Rachel (Thelma Hopkins) and her son). Eddie, Laura and I can’t remember the little sister’s name. But after a few shows, we don’t see her anymore and don’t know what happened! Strange!