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  1. Dana Matthews says:

    I’ve got to learn to MAKE spa days for myself. Time gets away! I’d really like to try the deep steep – lavender & chamomile bubble bath.

  2. I would love to try that lavender & chamomile bubble bath!!

  3. The Deep Steep Lavender & Camomile Bubble Bath sounds amazing – but then I do love anything Lavender!

  4. Susan Smith says:

    The bath bomb fizzle Relax: Lavender and Vanilla sounds wonderful.

  5. Bryan Vice says:

    Everybody needs some “Relax time” i love a nice bubble bath with candles with music playing

  6. Mya Murphy says:

    Ooooooh I definitely am sending this to my fiance… this is PERFECTION!!

  7. I love using aromatherapy products to help relax.

  8. I love bath bombs! A nice soak and a good book are my favorite way to relax

  9. Tracy Robertson says:

    The assorted bath bomb fizzies would make a great gift for a friend who loves baths and nice scents!

  10. Well, I would love to have a spa day but unfortunately I don’t drink, and I’m not supposed to use any bath “bombs” due to feminine ‘skin’ issues, lol So, my spa day is just a nice hot shower with some good smelling prescriptionsoap and some hot tea after LOL

  11. A relaxing set up for sure! I bet that lavender & chamomile bubble bath is amazing in person! My favorite relaxing scent combo.

  12. I’ve never had a spa day, it sounds nice.

  13. Lyndsey R. says:

    This is a great list! And yep you definitely can’t leave out the wine! 😉

  14. I like using the bath salts that I make. Usually lavender & rosemary.

  15. i love the wine glass for the tub!! i dont take baths often but when i do i love my wine included

  16. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I so need a bubble bath! Anything with lavender or a sweet smell will send me to paradise!

  17. wen budro says:

    I love the lavender and vanilla scented products. I also love the wine glass. These all look like great products to treat yourself to for a spa day.

  18. I love the great ideas to make it super great experience at the spa. The tips and pointers are so intriguing.

  19. Great way to care for oneself, a good treat 🙂

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